Free ticket draw to HK World Cricket Sixes - hurry!

  • Saturday, 28th October 2017 (all day)
  • Sunday, 29th October 2017 (all day)

Location: Kowloon Cricket Club, 10 Cox's Road, Jordan

This event is in the past.

FREE TICKET BALLOT for HK World Cricket Sixes Weekend Passes.

  • Two tickets - full weekend passes - up for grabs!

  • Enter by obtaining your free ballot ticket above now.
  • Ballot closes & drawn 9pm Wednesday 25 October - winners will be notified immediately.

NZ Society members eligible for free ballot ticket.
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Membership valid for 12 months from date of payment.

So long as your membership is current by 9pm Wednesday you are eligible.
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Limit of one ballot ticket per person.


The Kiwis are koming! NZ Kiwis announce squad for Hong Kong World Sixes 2017

The New Zealand Kiwis are joining the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) squad as the only invitational sides participating against a big-hitting line up of test nations including Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and of course hosts, Hong Kong. 

New Zealand Kiwis Squad: Peter Fulton (captain), Shanan Stewart, Roneel Hira, Brad Cachopa, Graeme Beghin, Elliott Herd, Steve Wilkins.

See the full press announcement of NZ Kiwis team just released by clicking here.

Cricket’s fastest format returns to Asia’s World City this October!

The Hong Kong World Cricket Sixes is returning to the local sporting calendar at the end of the month (28-29 October 2017).

Hosts Hong Kong will face off against some of the world’s leading test sides including Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, MCC and New Zealand!


What: Hong Kong World Cricket Sixes 
When: Sat. 28 - Sun. 29 October 2017
Where: Kowloon Cricket Club

The fastest cricket format in the world will see 8 international teams, participating in 23 matches, over 2 festive and frenetic days at the tournament’s spiritual home, the Kowloon Cricket Club.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketflap!

NZ Society members get a special 10% discount on ticket purchases.  Email now to get your promo code.


For the first time ever in 2017, the guardians of the game, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Select, will take part, along with other invitational sides, including former Black Caps, as the Sixes reinvents itself for the 21st century. 


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