Living in Hong Kong

Helpful information about moving to Hong Kong. Whether you are fresh of the boat and a first time traveller or a well travelled expat, every country brings with it unique challenges. We can point you in the right direction to getting settled and making sure you can find kiwiana in Hong Kong.

Getting settled – like any new place finding an apartment, supermarkets and more can be a challenge. Here are some of the committees favourites places and top tips for settling in Hong Kong:

  • Get to know your local coffee shops
  • Walk the streets around your area and stop regularly to look up and down – there are so many ‘hidden’ places in not at eye level
  • Have some fun and take every mode of transport from slow to fast – tram, bus, mini bus (green and red), taxi and MTR

Where else can you find Kiwis in Hong Kong?

  • At NZSHK monthly drinks
  • The NZ Chamber of Commerce host regular events
  • Paddling with the Flying Kiwis for Dragon Boat training
  • At one of the Kiwi Events hikes or other events
  • Sing and dance with the Te Hokioi Kapa Haka group
  • Auckland University Alumni

Looking for a taste of home, look no further than….

  • The following supermarkets carry Coles and Woolworths products – Fusion, USelect, Wellcome
  • Need some “Fish and Chips” head to hooked on Caine Road
  • South stream and Pacific Gourmet carry lots of NZ products
  • No Ugly health and wellness tonic can be purchased in CitySuper

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