Membership is open to all residents in Hong Kong who are:

  1. Born in New Zealand; or
  2. By virtue of long residence regarded as a domiciled New Zealander; or
  3. Husband, wife, partner, son or daughter of either 1 or 2 above; or
  4. Proposed by a member qualified under 1 or 2 above.
  1. Family membership – a couple or single adult including any dependent children ($600 per annum)
  2. Single membership – one single adult person ($380 per annum)

Membership form:

Click send below to submit your application for membership. Please complete your application by paying the membership fee using the PayPal links below. The privacy statement can be found here.

NZSHK Single membership

Valid for one single adult.


NZSHK Family membership

Valid for a family – single or couple adult/s and their dependent children.


If you want to check out as a guest and not create a PayPal account simply click on the type of card you are using.

Alternatively payment can be made using PayMe and scanning the QR code below:

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